Thursday, June 13, 2013

Final Week of Month of Volatility Plugins II is posted

We are writing as the final week of the second installment of the Month of Volatility Plugins is now posted. Volatility 2.3 is currently in beta, and the blog posts are focusing on new features in this version. 

This week's posts discussed a number of new and updated plugins used to analyze Mac systems. 

The first post demonstrated leveraging process cross-view analysis for Mac rootkit detection: 

The second post covered dumping, scanning, and searching process memory: 

The third post discussed how to recover networking information: 

The fourth post showed a number of artifacts in Mac kernel memory: 

The fifth post analyzed the Rubilyn kernel rootkit and detected it in a number of ways: 

We hope you have enjoyed this month's posts and will be trying 2.3 when its released!


Andrew (@attrc)

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