Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 2 of the Month of Volatility Plugins posted!

I was writing to announce that week 2 of the month of Volatility plugins is finished, and we now have five more in-depth blog posts covering Windows and Linux internals and rootkit detection. These have all been posted to the new Volatility Labs blog.

Post 1: Atoms (The New Mutex), Classes and DLL Injection

This Windows focused post covers investigating malware and understanding infections by analyzing the atom tables.

Post 2: Malware in your Windows

This Windows focused post covers enumerating and analyzing windows in the GUI subsystem.

Post 3: Event logs and Service SIDs

This Windows focused post demonstrates recovering event logs from memory and calculating service SIDs.

Post 4: Analyzing the Jynx rootkit and LD_PRELOAD

This Linux focused post covers analyzing the Jynx rootkit as well as generic methods for analyzing LD_PRELOAD based rootkits.

Post 5: Investigating In-Memory Network Data with Volatility

This Linux focused post goes through each of the Linux Volatility plugins related to recovering network data from memory, such as network connections, packets, and the routing cache.

If you have any questions or comments on the posts, please leave a comment on the respective post on the Volatility Labs blog.

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